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The Cenozoic
"Dmc Vintage Re Product Parts"

The Cenozoic "DMC Vintage Re Product Parts"
"We are the one able to build the perfect reproduction by our own factory."We would say the company of GIBSON is still continuing to do such a good job for returning their "Golden Era" by predicting like "Historic Collection Series" and other else.

As a result, staff of Gibson made a bunch of Gibson maniacs in around the world including myself and my stuffs. For satisfying our demand to our Gibson gears, we established "DMC" since 1999 from Japan.

Our No.1 priority is not for selling well. But, How close with original each of parts of Gibson at those days That is why refer to Gibson's manufacturing process and use almost same materials.

On our predicting process, either resin-parts and metal-parts, we made all of parts in our factory.Basicarry, our factory started to products the precision parts of watch since late 60's.Otherwise, we have line-upped both such as old machine and new machine like a numerical control.
In addition, we have a lot of experience to do fundamental things like to examine the material, surface disposition also, we do "Designing" "Analyzing" "Programming", till we would be satisfied.We think that's because a lot of funs support us.

We also have a confidence to do "Ageing Works".We believe that should be fit whichever real vintage gear and reissue gear.

Especially, latest version of "Top Hat Knob", that is reappointed the changing color from gold to green by the time range, finally we investigated.How, that's amazingly will change as same as vintage one if you keep using.

Our consideration of protect in between real one and products by our own "Marking" for any of our stuff.

That's because our products got totally different with other "Replica" and "Imitation" also those our behave describes our pride and confidence.Please refer our qualities and making by our catalogs.